Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mackinac Island

As a consequence of events described in my earlier post, I have started visiting exotic locations in the US notably Detroit MI. Places of tourism described by the locals in the mo-city have casino cities across the border and the scenic upper peninsula some 300 miles away from this metro at the top of the list.

I was stranded in Detroit this weekend and after consulting several friends I headed north to see the fall colors in the Upper Peninsula (thanks to Jeanney k.). Its still the beginning of autumn, but I was able to capture some of the splendour.

Fall Colors

I spent the weekend on an Island called Mackinac staying at a small bed & breakfast called the LaChance Inn. Lodging in this fine establishment includes a lavish 'continental breakfast' comprising 2 types of muffins and orange juice. I could alternatively have stayed at the Grand Hotel on the island but have paid an arm and a leg for a little more.

Highlights of the island were the lack of automobiles (and the use of horse-driven 'taxis'), the historic Fort Mackinac and commercial tourism at its finest.

The Arch Rock below was amongst the natural sites, there was also a beautiful cemetry but I guess most would consider more morbid than scenic, so pictures not included.

Arch Rock

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Avik said...

WOW!!! Maneesh beautiful pictures...breathtaking...keep it up...