Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bangalore Maps

In an earlier post I had predicted satellite maps integration into google tools. I was right about that one, but I had incorrectly surmised that India would be off the map. Its now accessible from Google Earth and to a finer level of detail than that of even The Indian Government complains about publishing such sensitive data...Google rebuts that this information has been public all along...albiet for a small sum of money.

Anyway, whats missing from the aerial maps of Bangalore is...the traffic :) Also, it lacks any street names and landmarks. My friend Vicky, a fellow-Bangalorean and classmate, sent me his set of landmarks that can be imported to embellish the barren landscape. I added landmarks for the many pubs...its a bit out-of-date because I havent been there in two years. This is a work in progress...

Pubs in Bangalore

These landmarks besides the pubs are places around Bangalore that I lived/studied/hung-out...


If the landmarks file was text-based we could have made a wiki and have all the information added every part of Bangalore using a collaborative approach.

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