Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trivia Chips

For people who like hiking and trivia...this might become a familiar sight!

A wafer company is now packaging wafers with trivia questions and answers printed on the chips. This is the close-up of a wafer...I hope they haven't used any lead paints for the printing!

You can now have your quiz and eat it too :)

You know you are in Alabama when...

Corporate America has made the US suburban landscape look so similar that if you were to suddenly find yourself in a new state you would still be surrounded by the same stores, fast-food chains, gas stations.

Work took me to Birmingham Alabama recently and besides the humidity and the southern drawls there were more clues for me that I wasn't in Kansas anymore :)

Scene 1: A no-smoking sign outside a company building. Ok...the signs not out of place...its just the response to it!

Scene 2: Ordering lunch at the cafeteria.
Me: Do you have any vegetarian food?
Person on the other side of the counter: Are you moslem?

Scene 3: A post-lunch meeting with sodas to quench the parched throats...the pictures not clear but someone just got the sodas from a non-pc place.

Scene 4: A road sign flashes a 'Stage 3 Drought Alert' warning. Two houses away, a proud house owner waters his lawn (actually Rupert Murdoch did this to his Santa Barbara lawns during the drought as well...

Scene 5: People wearing hot pants...only they happened to be old men. (actually this is a common sight in San Francisco as well). Very gross.

Scene 6: A Sushi restaurant...also serving chinese and thai food!

This Cake takes the Cake

We all know San Franciscan's don't need an excuse to party...This is the cake made for a farewell party thrown for a couple heading to Thailand and inspired by Asia SF.

Note: The complete image is fairly graphic...should be seen only by adults in sterile environs.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Experience is overrated

"Experience is the Comb that nature gives you...when you go bald"
The First Twenty20 Cricket world cup has been won by India...which fielded a team not comprising any of the heavyweights - Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Zaheer Khan, but with youngsters many of whom made their international debuts in the tournament. Its unfortunate that the seniors never won the prized silver in spite of the more than 400 games played together.

One can not, however, help but commiserate with the losing Pakistani side. Twice in a row they have come tantalizingly close to breaking the world cup jinx of not winning against India. The first was decided by the shoot-out and the second thanks to Misbah-ul-Haq's untimely scoop a la Mike Gatting's reverse paddle in the 1987 world cup, which sealed their fate when victory was well within reach. On both occasions, the veteran batsmen had been done in by rookie bowlers.

'The Fateful Scoop'

Its heartening to note that the young Indian team devoid of any superstars had taken on the strongest teams in the tournament...and won. Thats the power of youth - carrying no baggage of expectations and performing without fear. Experience is seriously overrated.