Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lez Zeppelin

I watched a Led Zeppelin cover-band at the Fillmore, called Lez Zeppelin. The musicians were very talented and a treat to watch.

The highlight of the show was them performing 'Dazed n Confused', watching the guitarist use the violin bow on her guitar to produce those psychedelic sounds, made me think about how amazing it would have been had I witnessed the performance by the original band.

Dazed n Confused

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Go-Kart Racer

My manager organized a go-karting event for us at the impressive racing courses at gokartracer. We have a lot of racing enthusiasts in the company, with my manager being a skillful drift racer himself. As I am always up for a challenge, I signed up for the event as well.

The grand prix race consists of a practice and a racing session of 30 minutes. In the trial round my helmet strap came off which resulted in a poor timing and I was consequently placed fourth out of the six participants for the racing round. It was looking difficult for me when the three ahead of me sped off in the early laps. Things continued to look bleak with every passing lap where they all extended their leads until a minor collision resulted in me squeaking through the gaps and into the front.

My manager was involved in that collision and he was doing all he could to recover his #1 position and I wasn't allowing him to get ahead, inspired by the saying 'for you to win, make the others lose'. Over the next 20 laps I remember my car getting bumped from behind while my manager tried to overtake me. I staved off the competition and the effects of the whiplash until I finally saw the checkered flag.

GoKartRacer - The Winner Takes it All

I was all smiles at the victory podium with my well fought victory :)