Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Little Terrorist

Attended a screening of 'The Little Terrorist', nominated for an Oscar in the short film category. The movie was only complaint was that it was kinda short :)

I got to hang out with the director- Ashvin Kumar who dazzled the audience with his humility and tearing wit. Hopefully this movie will be the spark that lights up the indie movie industry.

Ashvin Kumar, May his tribe increase.

With Ashvin Kumar

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Wall

After multiple snowboarding season's of sticking to the the bunny slopes and occasionally hitting the blues...I finally conquered 'The Wall'.

I wouldnt even have made it to any ski resort slope that day.

It was the morning after a blizzard, I was driving down to Kirkwood from Minden in May's 4Runner unaware that the road required a 4-wheel-drive in operation. The rest of the folks in the car- Chris, May and Susan...not the best morning folks, were still stirring. Approaching a curve at roughly 25 miles per hour I gently applied the brakes to negotiate the turn only to send the car into a tailspin. I attempted to rectify the situation by straightening the wheel only to have the car edge closer to the edge of the cliff. I was cool...if I was chewing gum...I would have blown a bubble. The bottom of the mountain started appearing, but I wouldnt bat an eyelid. The other folks now wide awake wouldnt speak either, contrary to the hysterical shrieking I am accustomed to watching of people in the movies. We slid closer with every passing second...and then there was a bump and the car stopped short of hurtling down the cliff. We had hit a mound of snow located just at the edge.

Next May was back at the wheels, I was relegated to the back seat cussed by everyone else and the car switched to four-wheel drive.

This life altering event was a message that I was saved for a reason. I accompanied my accomplished snowboarding buddies on every slope they ventured on...even without a helmet. First the solitude (blue), moving on to the cornice (black d) and finally to the Wall!

At the Wall with May