Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Moved My Cheese!

As you might have noticed my blogs have dried up lately. I have been busy and agree thats left all of you thirsty/hungry for information from me. It also doesnt help that I am tardy with my mail, so even my Mom has to get information from me off my blog :)

First I moved from the south bay to Palo Alto. This move was induced by my apartment owner who decided to sell off to a condo-developer, leaving me with a 60-day eviction notice. Luckily, I found this really cool apartment in downtown P.A. so everything happens for a reason!
Moving in was easy for a change, we were able to get all the furniture in through the large french windows. I didnt have a camera to capture the moment, but theres always a re-enactment that I can perform for the blog and get a picture watch this space.

Side note: I have a sneaky feeling that all female landladies call themselves Denise. This is the third Denise in a row whom I will be sending my monthly rent cheques to.

At work, I decided to switch departments to the field operations division. I think I get more energized in a customer situation so I really look forward to the new responsibilities...and travelling.

Theres plenty of cheese moving around :)

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