Thursday, March 10, 2005

Getting Real on El Camino Real

I took my car in for its scheduled 40k miles service...a trivial oil change I thought and probably a new air filter. The rep called me up later in the day with the estimate- the price knocked me off the seat...with additional news that I'd have to leave my car in the shop for a week.

Always one looking for the silver lining...I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to experience public transportation in the silicon valley. I have always prefered the metro systems to rental cars and cabs in the other cities I visit...and now I would get to try it out locally. Besides I could save on the rental car and gas...with all proceeds going towards my cars servicing needs.

My apartment and work place are both located very close to the local bus stop on El Camino Real but in these parts folks would rather drive their suvs and fancy cars to the store across the street than walk to it, I am one of them...minus the suv and fancy car part.

The public transportation was the Valley Transport Authority's round the clock bus. The VTA worked fine for me...It was regular and uninteresting at all times. The only problem was when I had to get to a place about 5 miles away from El Camino Real. In a very New York state of mind, I called up the taxi company and asked for a cab...All my savings in public transportation were undone. The cab driver acknowledged that it was expensive travelling around these parts in a cab...and that I should think about getting a car.

I got my car back 3 days later which came as a great relief. I however made a resolution to take the bus at least once a week to work and back. I am just doing my bit for the earth's sake.

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